KAT Walk C
KAT Walk C
KAT Walk C

KAT Walk C

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KAT Walk C: "Ready Player One" VR Treadmill at Your Home!

Complete, Compact & Cost-Effective Virtual Reality walking solution designed entirely for gamers! Unleash your body in Virtual Worlds!

Unleash your full physical capabilities for it’s time to bring your body into play! With an open and unrestrictive construction, KAT Walk C unlocks a wide variety of vertical and horizontal actions

KAT Walk C is the world’s first gamer-dedicated, personal VR Omni-Directional Treadmill (ODT) – A new generation mechanical device that allows for 360 degrees of human motion, creating infinite movement area in VR on minimum physical space in reality. Our new device is the most innovative VR walking solution suitable for home use and affordable for individuals – Your personal gate into the virtual dimension!

Wide Range of available action

Thanks to open ergonomics and an unrestrictive back support structure providing maximum safety without restricting the leg and arm motion, movement on the KAT Walk C is never limited by any mechanical components.

Turn Around Safely and Smoothly

Thanks to a special Mg&Si alloy material that is much stronger than steel but much lighter, KAT Walk C can keep you safe and balanced without affecting the optimal inertia required for quick and easy turning around and full balance and control even at larger & faster spins.

Walk, run and stop with no delay

KAT Walk C lets you achieve instant and natural movement. Use this opportunity to experience thrilling virtual-reality adventures. Ever wondered what would it be like to explore the caves and ruins of Skyrim on your own feet? Why not just do it?

Ps: If you happen to bump into a horde of Draugrs, running might be particularly useful. We’re dead serious about that!


High freedom in vertical motion spices up the gameplay increasing immersion in just any virtual reality game. it will come in handy on many different occasions - crouch to take cover, hide from your opponents, or take a good shooting position!

Lean Forward, Pick up Items

In addition to the movement up and down, we have equipped the KAT Walk C's harness with an additional degree of horizontal waist freedom (Pitch) for your upper body to let you easily lean forward, peek from behind the covers, and pick items up. Use this freedom in FPS games like Pavlov, where each gun you find on your way can save your life!

Move Backward

KAT Walk C enables you to also move backward! How else would you be able to retreat while keeping an eye on the field of battle and continuously fighting back the approaching enemies in competitive shooters like Contractors VR, Onward or Pavlov?


Being one of the main mechanics of many games, strafing is incorporated as an integral function of the KAT Walk C’s locomotion system! Use it to dodge bullets, take cover, or simply stay in motion when fighting multiple enemies!

Use Cruise Mode

KAT Walk C offers also a special cruise mode allowing you to continuously move in a certain direction with a constant speed without moving your legs. And let’s face the truth – you’re gonna need it for easier and more effective journeys when traversing vast lands through Skyrim, No Man’s Sky, or any other Sandbox games!

Natural Walking

What’s more, all of that contributes to a natural walking experience that we all pay so much attention to. Imagine having your immersion shattered right in the middle of an epic battle just because you realized how unrealistic it actually feels.. We know that pain too.. That’s why we’re fully dedicated to our research to develop effective technological solutions capable of improving the gait naturalness.

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